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ouchkun. [18 Jun 2005|11:26am]
Due to unforseen circumstances (<--big lie, I knew it was going to happen) all design/operations will have to halt until I can raise my GPA. To be honest I thought working for myself would be easier, when in fact my inability to manage my time results in way too much overtime dedicated to this project. I apologize for letting people down, but deal with it as I'm dealing with it-- there's more important matters to attend to, like school (ouch), lets just take the pace down a bit and I'll be able to get back on track.

That, and I still don't like the idea of doing T-shirt transfers.. it's expensive and not durable and i'm working on better/different techs that will allow more versatility and durablity-- i'm by no means stopping altogether. Just considering summer to be RnD time.

Sorry all again. But hey, if ya see me at a So-Cal con, you should still holla back.

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Photos From Fanime! [30 May 2005|10:55pm]
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Hey all, just got back from Fanime and had to upload a few photos form the booth before doing a report and all that :3 I regret that I didn't take as many photos of my booth that I could, but I have the memories and it's aaaalllllllll good~~

Thanks to anyone who stopped by, picked up a flyer, gave me more ideas, and especially bought a shirt or DN etc. It was a very encouraging experience I look forward to doing more and better!!

Thanks to everybody who watched my booth for me while I changed/didthefloor, chased down cosplayers etc :3 It helped a lot, so MUCH love to all!

especially Kiru! XD

<Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I was only doing the table Friday and Sunday... and I did not sell out completely meaning I have a few ready for mail-order if any are interested. Please wait juuuuuuuuuuuuuuust a second? until the end of this week to square away post-con business, bills, and a mess of homework before expecting official business to be open. I will announce in several Coms when I am ready to take on customs/requests, please be patient, and thanks for your consideration :3

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[22 May 2005|11:54pm]
Small update!! I'd like to add a link to support gambler$-- a starup DIY studio based in Brazil that has Visual Kei accessory/inspired line, as well as black Tshirts.. something I don't have!! Check them out, they of course have english translation for their info. The owners are great cospalyers as well, and I'm inspired by their creativity...!!

Jrock Cosplay props, & visual kei accessories

count down to fanime...!Collapse )

EDIT: A fake splash page is up that leads back to here because I was too swamped to make a quickie site. It'll be up no later than Jun 15 with photos and more info about ordering custom stuffs :3 look forward to it.. OR YOU'RE NOT SEXY!

... Peace.!
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Free use designs [09 May 2005|11:23pm]
---- Finished designs
---- BLEACH prototype tees for Fanime future professional printing?
---- Samples from my own collection
---- Comparison photos between DIY and Pro.
---- Planned shirts, always adding.

This is my no means a complete list of work.. girl's clothing...custom shoes (chucks/slips/sliders), bags, belts and accessories are in the making and much of them will not be shown until fanime...
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S-O-L? [09 May 2005|11:16pm]

ああ~ すまんね。。
Not Taking Any Orders Until June!

Any inqueries, please email jetspectacular@yahoo.com
Look for us in Artist Row at Fanime May 28-31 ^.~ じゃ!
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BASE POST [21 Apr 2005|02:23am]

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