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random punks will rule the world!

Aimless Kids Are Always Getting In Trouble
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Kids dont know what they want, but they know what they like.


GakiNote is the lj of GAKI, a small one-girl designer of AniManga and AniPunk inspired street clothing (or in more specific terms.. clothes kids can wear in the moshpits). Ever since Hookups took animestyle to the street and royally fscked it up, I've craved a better use of japanese manga, anime, and music influence on tastefull and affordable street fashion, that is also 100% replecable for budding DIY street fashion junkie-artists like I myself am... So far I have done "cosplay tshirts" (aka, in-story designs) that are not already professionally/commercially sold anywhere. Certain series-styled or inspired products are in the making as well. As well as original band/song shirts and a few political designs in the making.

MANGAKA INSPIRATION: Hiroyuki Asada, Shou Tajima, Yonekura Kengo, Kubo Tite, Harold Sakuishi.
LOCAL ARTIST INSPIRATIONS: ta_su (http://www.ta-su.com), lovelovelovela (http://lovelovelovela.com), Gambler$.
WEB INSPIRATIONS: http://www.japanesestreets.com, http://www.stencilrevolution.com, http://www.dafont.com

Current Layout model: Akane Tachibana (I'll/CKBC).

gakinote is the art-side journal of Jet. (naoekun/unrealpolitik.)

Support local artists and studios!! These guys have kick ass clothing, mah sempais!!!

Jrock Cosplay props, & visual kei accessories

Need to contact? please email: jetspectacular@yahoo.com

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